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First Bank | Richmond Civic Theatre

First Bank's campaign highlighted the power of collaboration and community support, as demonstrated by their involvement with the Richmond Civic Theatre. The goal was to tell a story about creative inspiration, self-doubt, and friendship, while paying homage to the Theatre's incredible 80+ year history.

Throughout the production process, there was a true sense of community spirit, with everyone, from actors and crew members to friends and family, contributing their unique talents and perspectives. Everyone had a role to play and was valued for the contributions, no matter how big or small. 


Of course, there were challenges along the way, as there are with any creative endeavor - but the team never lost sight of our shared vision. Whether it was helping out with picking up our prop piano from Facebook Marketplace or making a Starbucks runs for the crew, we embraced the message of the spot and always looked forward collaboratively towards our common goal.


A project that started as a story to tell became a story we were writing collectively. The project was a piece that First Bank used to add a personal, relatable touch to their brand while showcasing the history of 80 years on stage at the Civic Theatre. It was a testament to the fact that when we come together, we can truly accomplish great things. 

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