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CashMD is revolutionizing the healthcare market by connecting patients directly to service providers at cash prices, and our task was to create a video that effectively showcased their brand and product to potential investors and providers. The urgency of the situation required us to work on a tight deadline, but we were up for the challenge.

To highlight the issues with traditional healthcare systems and the ways in which CashMD offers a solution, we decided to use humor to drive home the message. With a lean schedule and limited crew, we opted for one primary location - a brick loft apartment - to tell the full story, with just a few additional shots at a secondary location.

Honing in on this single main location let us explore different creative shot options that weren't originally in the storyboard. We were working against daylight, but a double stack of the Aputure 600D helped us combat the moving sun and created a super soft key on the talent's face.

shoot bts -01_edited.jpg


To tie together the narrative and product demo elements of the video, we leaned heavily on VFX, motion graphics, and special animations. The end result was a compelling and informative video that effectively conveyed the brand's message and product benefits.
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